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We have prepared a selection of information sheets on topics related to loans and mortgages to ensure you always have all the facts at hand to make a decision. They are available for you to download as a PDF. We are always adding to this list so come back soon to check out what's new.

The real costs of buying a home - do you know the real costs of buying a home. Checkout this article to find out more!

Documentation checklist - use this checklist to ensure you have all of the paperwork ready for your loan appointment

Budget Tracker - quick one page checklist to help you set your budget. For a more comprehensive and interactive calculator have a look at our budget calculator.

7 Reasons to call us today - if you are still deciding whether to use a broker, read this document.

Tips to boost your Borrowing Prospects - speaks for itself really!

Successful Property Investment - 10 things you need to know before buying your first investment property

A mortgage and a baby - Home ownership and having a family are not mutually exclusive.  Find out how you can have it all!

Doing the numbers to sell your house - If you are thinking of moving read this BEFORE you put your home on the market!

Why tell your broker you are spucing your house up for sale - Compelling reasons to keep your broker in the loop at all times.

How to help your kids buy a home - A must read for all parents wanting to give their children a helping hand to get into the property market

Beyond the Big 4 - a brief look at the players in the Australian Finance Market.

Is Switching a suitable alternative for me? - Are you thinking about refinancing? Read this to help you make up your mind.

Will the bank be impressed with your new job? - A new job with more money won't always impress the bank when it comes to applying for a home loan. Find out why!

More debt than income? -  If your debt is more than your disposable income read this article to work out the steps to take to get your finances under control.

Is it the right time to fix my interest rate? - Read this article if you are concerned that rates may start to rise.

How Can I purchase an Investment Property? - Thinking about investing but don't know how? Read this article then download our free investor e book.

Restructuring your finances to reduce your debt - Some practical tips to help you pay down your debt faster

10 most broken New Year Resolutions - tips on how to keep your New Year's Resolutions on track.

Financial Resolution Worksheet - Interactive worksheet to help you set and keep New Year Resolutions.

High Flyer or Budget Savvy- Surprising information on which group makes the best investor and tips on how to start your journey into property investment.

New Credit Reporting Laws - This is a really boring article, however if you don't read it you WILL regret it in a few years to come.

12 Top Tips to Help you Pay off Your Mortgage - Take these tips on board and watch your mortgage balance dwindle away!

Why talking to your broker BEFORE you sell your home is vital! - Read this article to find out why calling us before you list your property for sale wioll save you lots of headaches and stress!





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