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Cash Flow Finance

Cash Flow Finance can help businesses which have good sales but a large current debtor list.Cash Flow Finance (also called inventory finance or debtor finance) is simply the use of outstanding debtors/accounts receivable to raise money.

Cash flow finance is not a loan – it is the sale of a book trade debts/invoices for cash to bridge the cash flow gap between the time of the sale is made and the time of customer payment.

How does it work?

Although there is some variation between lenders, most cash flow finance works like this: 

  1. Cash flow finance funder advances you up to 85% of the value of your debtors
  2. You continue to chase accounts receivable as per your normal terms of trade.
  3.  As accounts are paid you repay the 85% plus interest to the cash flow finance funder.   

This way you are able to use your current debtors to provide working capital for your business. 

What does it cost?

Usually a percentage of the debt but some funders work on a flat fee basis.


How do I find out more information?

Contact us for a personalized quote or more general information on cash flow finance.